You Can Call Me Saucy

Thankful on a Thursday

My weekly shout out to Nish at The Outdoor Wife! Thanks again for this brilliant idea!

27.) I’m thankful for sore muscles. I don’t enjoy it but as they say, “No pain, no gain.”

28.) I’m thankful for all the support I’ve received on Twitter (Karen, Miranda, Abigail & John especially!) for Couch to 5k. Tonight will be my first 20 minute jog. I’m scared but I’m going to try my best – that’s all I can do right?!

29.) I’m thankful for the cooler temperatures that have found their way to this area. I don’t do well with heat. Now it feels like summer – not an oven!

30.) I’m thankful for birthday parties, wedding planning (other people’s!), children (again, other people’s!), quiet nights at home, phone dates & long lost friends.

31.) I’m thankful that many people I have met through Twitter & this blog are people I consider friends. You can say anything at any time on Twitter and no one judges you for it. It’s a great outlet!

32.) I’m thankful for laptops so I can sit in my living room and tweet & blog and watch a very funny episode of SNL (Joseph Gordon-Levitt is the host. PS – Thank you DVR!)

What are YOU thankful for today? XO


Thankful on Thursday 07/01/10

Thanks again to Nish at The Outdoor Wife for this moment of reflection I get every week

9.) I’m thankful for chiropractors who provide almost instant relief to a headache that has lasted far too long

10.) I’m thankful for my Canadian friends and family and I wish them a very happy Canada Day

11.) I’m thankful for 3 day weekends filled with the promise of great weather and best friends. And celebrating the independence of our country.

12.) I’m thankful to have added some cute pieces to my wardrobe without breaking the budget (much)

13.) I’m thankful for a boyfriend who writes post for my blog, motivates me to run, makes me feel good about myself and takes care of me when I’m not feeling so well

What are you thankful for today? XO

Thankful on Thursday 6/24

A big shout out to Nish over at The Outdoor Wife for creating this wonderful idea! I think I’ll be doing this for a long time 🙂


1.) I’m thankful for my nephews. Thankful for JD who smiles his big toothless grin anytime someone talks to him. Thankful for Bman who offered to take me for a ride to see the birdies the other day. And played hide & seek in a restaurant booth. And needed help washing his hands.

2.) I’m thankful for FF who helps me keep it all in perspective when all I want to do is throw a tantrum.

3.) I’m thankful for CDEs who know when their patients are in trouble and are able give them diabetes supplies when money is tight.

4.) I’m thankful for summer which means beaches, picnics, BBQs & bare feet. It also means learning new things, like disc golf

5.) I’m thankful for the wonderful community of friends I have made through Twitter. I’m also thankful FF has joined the dark side.

6.) I’m thankful for cute manis and pedis – the DIY kind that are cheap. Oh and with this, I’m thankful for boyfriends who will help with said mani/pedi because your hands shake too bad to do it yourself.

7.) I’m thankful for Netflix on the Wii. If you don’t do this, you should. You’re missing out!

8.) I’m thankful for 2 packs of SPF 30 sunscreen in aerosol cans from Target. I have to protect this fair freckled skin!


What are you thankful for? XO