You Can Call Me Saucy


I love food! I also love trying new restaurants. So, I’m dedicating a page to new restaurants I have tried. I’ll give candid reviews because hey, who’s actually reading that will care? Look for this page to be updated fairly regularly. I wouldn’t consider myself a foodie as I’m very picky but I do know what I like when it comes to food, beer & service. If you plan on visiting the area and would like some dining suggestions – be sure to let me know. I am MORE than happy to help. Also, I tend to be very critical of service as I myself have been a bartender/server for the better part of a decade.

Favorite Vermont Restaurants:

John Egan’s Big World (website currently down) – FF & visited once and fell in love. The food was amazing (albeit pricey) but we plan on making this “our” restaurant where we go to celebrate (we need a reason to celebrate soon!)

The Pour House – I worked here so maybe I’m biased. Coldest beer in town. Cheap but good bar food. Their brunch? AMAZING!!!!

Wings Over Burlington – you’ve heard me rave about this before. On nights where we don’t feel like cooking, we have company coming over or just get a craving – we call these guys. The servings are huge & the prices are great! Our favorite sauces? I like the Sweet Onion BBQ or the Honey Mustard but if you like heat, FF orders JetFuel!

Recent Restaurant Reviews:

Buffalo Wild Wings – FF & I visited on opening night and we’re prepared for a long wait (who goes to a new restaurant and isn’t prepared? Apparently A LOT of people! Dummies!). Our wait was about half of what was estimated. Our server was friendly and efficient. When we complained about our beers being flat, they were replaced quickly with no questions. We tried the Fried Pickles and the Roasted Garlic Mushrooms. I liked the pickles more than I expected I would but I wasn’t impressed with the mushrooms. I ordered a chicken sandwich with the Hot Garlic sauce – and it was WAY too hot for me. I had to drown my sandwich in ranch just to get it down (NOTE: I am NOT good with spice!). Meanwhile FF ordered the Boneless Wings in Mango Habanero and he liked them (minus the size. We’re used to Wings Over & these were more like popcorn chicken.) Our bill, with tip was about $40. Not bad for two beers, two apps & two entrees with tax & tip! The service was so great I even asked for a manager so I could let him know. I rarely do this but I was VERY impressed!

Das Bierhaus – FF, BRE & our friend KL hit up this fairly new place during Vermont Restaurant Week. We hadn’t heard much about this place but what we had heard? Wasn’t good. You can’t dissuade me! The service was ok. It wasn’t great but we weren’t forgotten about either. The beers were ok (I’m not a fan of heavy beers and being a German restaurant? They’re all kind of heavy. I tried the two Hefeweizens on tap for the record) We all ordered different things and everybody got a bite of everything. The perfect way to try a new restaurant! The mac & cheese was DIVINE (I don’t normally like homemade – only Kraft 🙂 ) The french fries were delicious! The Schnitz on a Stick was ok but VERY WELL complimented by their spicy honey mustard (I’ve tried to replicate this at home with half honey mustard & haf horseradish – soooo yummy!) The sausages were ok – a little small and I didn’t like that they were served on the bread that they were but I just ate around it. I’ll go back to try another beer and dip those yummy fries in the amazing spicy honey mustard but I doubt I’ll go back for dinner. I also must say that their “Beer Garden” on the roof is cute. It’s small & not a great view but something very new, different & welcome in this small state.

Sky Burger We ate here the first week it was open. I was expecting a great experience…I was let down. First off let me tell you what was good. The atmosphere was great! It was bright and clean. Secondly, you get money off your bill if you choose to get your burger without a bun. As someone who stays away from carbs when possible, it was great to not only be able to order my burger bunless without being looked at like I was crazy, but it also saved me money. Very nice! Now, the menu was limited for a burger place. There were three sizes of beef patties and the price on the menu was for the burger only. Everything you wanted to add to the burger was $.75 to $1.00 (even cheese!). There were a few alternative (chicken, tuna etc.)burgers which were reasonably priced for what they came with but I was disappointed. Also, when I order mushrooms on a burger, I’m not expecting a Portobello mushroom that is as round as my burger and twice as thick. Condiments and toppings should enhance your burger experience – not overpower it. Our server was friendly but seemed to find herself “in the weeds” very easily. She was attentive for drinks and our food order but checked on us only once during the meal and it was before we’d even had a chance to really taste anything. We ended up waiting almost 10 minutes for our bill. Many servers walked by our table covered with empty plates and glasses and no one bussed it or offered to let our server know we were ready for a check. Also, I love that their specials are on TVs all over the restaurant but when I tried to order something off that menu I was told they were just for show and wouldn’t be having actual specials for a week or so. That was kind of a bummer. So, more beef options, more specials and more attentive service. If I see the menu expand, I’ll probably give it a second chance. I also hear they make fabulous “adult” milkshakes so I may stop in to give one of those a try.

Our House: FF brought me here for my birthday. I’d been dying to try it for months and I’d heard wonderful things about it. I had heard correctly. We went on a Wednesday night and it wasn’t busy but there were other people. We were sat immediately and our waters were poured. We decided to each try the new seasonal Switchback (The Slow Brown Fermented Ale). It was a little heavy but due to the theme of the restaurant (Twisted Comfort Food) I figured it would be fine. For an appetizer we decided to try the Irish Egg Rolls (corned beef, sauerkraut, cheddar cheese in a wonton wrapper). So effing good! For our entrees I had the chicken pot pie. It was pulled chicken, peas, carrots, corn & potatoes in a light chicken gravy served in a ramekin with a light flaky crust and a sprig of rosemary. I have to admit – I have a hatred for rosemary like you wouldn’t believe so I was a bit nervous for what my meal held. One bite in and -OH MY GOD! Sooooo delicious! I also HAD to try their mashed potatoes and these were also phenomenal! FF had the pulled pork melt. It was served on grilled ciabatta bread with cheddar cheese melted on top and with some amazingly good french fries. The bill wasn’t outrageous for what we had, the takeout containers were super cute & the service was ok (not excellent but far from terrible). We plan on going back as they have a deep fried PB&J dessert served with Fluff for dipping! And we hear their Frickles are amazing! I wish we had pics of the presentation but our new rule is when in public, phones stay in the car so we’re not distracted. I totally wish I would have had mine though so I could have taken some great pictures!

And here are some restaurants I can’t wait to try:

Norm’s – I haven’t seen a menu but my foodie friends have RAVED about this place. Something about some ribs maybe? 🙂

The Alchemist – I’ve always wanted to go here. I have a soft spot in my heart for Brew Pubs. They now also brew a gluten free beer which I would LOVE to try!


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