You Can Call Me Saucy


I’ve been reading a lot of fantastic blogs and I want you to all to access them whenever you’d like. I read all kinds of blogs – food blogs, mommy blogs, diabetes blogs…and more! Here I present to you who I read and why ๐Ÿ™‚

The Heir To Blair – the blog that started it all! I heard about Blair from a cousin who reccomended her. She is funny, she is real and she is an awesome mama to her adorable little guy Harry

What The Blog – my girl Jenny who helped me venture into the world of blogging.ย She’s educated people about infertility and I admire her for that. I also admire her for the three wee babes incubating in her ute!

The State I Am In – I don’t even know how I originally found this blog but when I did, Erin was battling infertitlity. She’s now pregnant…with twin girls! Don’t miss out on her adventure!

Lauren From Texas – have you seen this girl?! She is a doll. One of her posts inspired me to do a blog project (100 in 1000 or something, coming soon!) and also to start running (thanks to this post). She quirky, funny & sweet and you should read her.

The Wee Sak – my cousin from the great white North. I love being able to keep in touch and see adorable pics of her beautiful little girl

Bridget Jones Has Nothing On Me – OMG this chick is hysterical! She’s recently moved from Baltimore to Philadelphia and I’m looking forward to hearing all about her adventures in her new city.

The Engagement Project – Bea is looking to get married. Follow her on her journey. She’s real, she’s funny and yeah, she’s real funny.

TurnJacson – the first male blogger I’ve found who isn’t afraid to tell women how it is, but does it as a gentlemen.

A Hokie & A Cav – my friend Katherine writes about her adventures in being a doggie mom and battling infertility

Life @ Twenty-Something – Jenn is also regaling the interwebs with her dating stories. Oh, and boobs. She likes to show off her girls (and if mine looked like that – I would too!!!!)

My Beautiful 604 – My girl crush Genina doesn’t post much – but when she does, you should read

Living Life With Diabetes – Adriana had one of the first diabetes blogs I stumbled upon. It was like entering a whole new world!

That’s What She Said – My friend IRL Miranda writes this blog about her new husband, her faith, music, her son and really anything that life throws at her

Well Fed, Flat Broke – I JUST found this blog and holy crap does this girl know her food!

The Diabetic’s Corner Booth – Mike was another D Blogger I found early on. He is the son of a Type 1 and just celebrated his 25th Diaversary. Wow!

Twice Blessed – Mandy writes about her adorable twins Caroline & Tyler. They are so stinkin cute! – one of best friends IRL (and the one I was hugging when I got a concussion). He’s witty and totally up to date on sports knowledge…and ladies, he’s single ๐Ÿ™‚

Blogging Dangerously – Kit is a riot. Whether she’s talking about the sass she gets from her 4(!) kids, the sex she has with her husband or her vibrator (named Carmen Electra) – you’re bound to find something wildly inappropriate – that you will totally love

Abby’s Food, Wine & Laughter – Abby is yet another friend IRL who has a blog! She talks about food & wine. This girl can cook! I’d rather have a dinner invite from her than from the POTUS – and that’s saying something

Lemomade Life – Allison is someone in the DOC who I completely look up to. She’s an activist, a mentor and a bride to be. She even stepped up to the plate when I asked for a guest post for my diaversary. This girl is awesome!

Waking Up Williams – I love that LCW got me posting for Momma’s Munchies on Mondays! I also love the stories and adorbale pictures of Ryann – her sweet baby girl!

The Outdoor Wife – thanks to Nish I look forward to posting on Thursdays. If something happens on a Modnay I make sure to start Thursday’s draft just to make sure I don’t forget to list it! Nish has an amzing a husband, a faith that runs deep and an adorable little boy!

This is Caleb – Lorraine writes about her son Caleb’s battle with T1 Diabetes. This woman is AMAZING!!!! You just have to get over there and read what her family is up to. If you’re not inspired, something is wrong with you.

Cole’s First Blog – Cole’s blog is all about getting people together if you ask me. This is the blog to go to if you’ve heard about a Twitter Blog Hop. Most likely Cole’s mommy is all over it – and thank God someone is!

Bitter-Sweet Diabetes Blog – Karen inspired me to not only do Diabetes Blog Week but also to start the Couch to 5K program. She also has time to write a knitting blog!

Raising Madison – Joanna is another blog go-to for hops. Also for hope. And laughs.

Mom Nom – Tiffany writes about so many things. From hemmoroids to babies, from hope into loss. She is incredible and it would e a shame if you aren’t reading,


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