You Can Call Me Saucy

About Me & Contact Info

Well, it’s time to finally get the ball moving and get this blog full of useless fun stuff! I plan on adding pics and pages (ooohhh, Picture Pages! Do you remember that show? Pure awesomeness!) But I digress. You came here to learn something about me. I’m 29 years old and I live in Vermont. I really like to write – I always have. It’s been an outlet for me as long as I can remember. On this blog you’ll find me talking about my diabetes (diganosed in April 2007), my fabulously hot boyfriend, my wonderful family and adorably cute nephews, my awesome friends, my love of sports and anything else I can think of! I hope you enjoy!

My favorite (and other’s favorite!) posts:

Find out how FF & I became a couple here & here

Read about my Diabetes diagnosis here

The Twitter Home Tour is here

The Twitter Tat Tour is here

Want to e-mail me?

Follow me on Twitter: @saucyredhead915

P.S – Yeah that’s me 😉


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