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What a Week! Saucy Turns 30!

Wow! I’m 30! And you know what? I like it! I feel like a member of some super secret club that I’ve waited my whole life to join. Silly? Maybe, but c’mon, by now you know I am too! So I just wanted to update everyone on what a wonderful week it was and I’ll conclude the birthday madness on Wednesday when I post pics from the past week.

The festivities started last Sunday as that was the beginning of my “BirthdayWeek.” It was also the first Sunday of regular season football. So I made a big pot of chili & some cornbread (with homemade honey butter of course!) and we spent the day in front of the TV. My Ravens and FF’s Pats won (woohoo!). FF went to the store and bought me some champagne (yummy!) and that was about all that happened. Uneventful, lazy and relaxing – perfect!

Monday & Tuesday were pretty uneventful and then? Wednesday was here! Wednesday with all of it’s 30th birthday deliciousness! FF & I got the day started on the right foot 🙂 Then I slept some more and headed to work. I brought some of BRE’s girlfriend’s (Yes, he has a girlfriend. Yes, she is living with us. Yes, this is fodder for an entirely new post. Wait for it.) leftovers for lunch. I walked in and my coworker had decorated my desk with a banner & a balloon and there was my gift on my keyboard…a bag of Cheetos! Score! Then my boss came in and her gift to me? Lasagna for lunch! Awesome! And then? My coworker came in and announced he was buying lunch for the department because of the occasion. Oh God the food! I picked a little pizza place for lunch & had a delicious pepperoni stromboli. I got a call from my mom at my birthday minute (9:46am) and a call from Sis & BMan (“Happy birthday to you Gah!” Swoon!). After work I got home and got all dressed up and FF took me out to dinner. We went to a place called “Our House.” It was a surprise as I had put him in charge of all plans. It was amazing! You can read the review on my Foodie page. Let’s just say it was DELICIOUS!!!! Then we headed to T-Bones to see my friend Chad play. I knew FF had put the word out on Facebook (as had I) that we would be there but he informed me on the way that he hadn’t heard from anyone so not to be let down if no one showed. I let him know I didn’t care who was there, as long as he was and I got to listen to Chad. Well we walked in & a bunch of my friends were there. FF didn’t even know they were coming. And they bought me a shot (SoCo & lime) and brought me a cake (chocolate kahlua cake with whipped cream Nutella frosting – my brainchild!) and showered me with birthday love. It was awesome!

Thursday brought an epic hangover (they say they get worse when you get older. I didn’t realize it would be like a light switch as soon as I turned 30!). I made it through the day and then headed to my parent’s house for my birthday dinner with them. We had stuffed porkchops, mashed potatoes & green bean casserole. We had carrot cake for dessert. There was lot of laughter & love. It was perfect! And? I got some Nutella for my birthday! Awesome!

Friday wasn’t a whole lot of fun to start. My coughing fits were getting worse and I’d been done my antibiotic for 4 days and my sugars were still running very high. I decided a return trip to the doctor wouldn’t be a bad idea. He didn’t seem overly concerned but did give me some Tylenol with codeine. I went home and FF & I tried to take a nap. But the coughing wouldn’t let up. I mentioned cancelling our plans to go downtown to meet friends and go dancing but we didn’t know for sure who was coming & it was too late in the game to cancel a Facebook invite. So I hopped in the shower & did all I could to look cute (apparently I succeeded. FF was VERY impressed when I made my way back downstairs). And then we headed out. We hit the bar where we met and had a drink. My friend P showed up right as we were getting ready to leave. So we moved on the next place where we could dance. KL showed up and I was surrounded by giant men (FF was the shortest at 6’3″!). FF & I did some dancing, I drank some whiskey and the fun had begun. We decided (ok, I decided) to return to the first bar. Another Soco & Lime and a shared pitcher of PBR with FF & I wanted some food. So we headed to get some delicious gravy fries. We enter the bar and all of the sudden I’m like “Whoa! Oh HAI anxiety!” Looks like it’s time to leave. FF brought me home & I headed pretty much right to bed (he stayed up to eat leftover chili & make his fantasy football pics – which were bad choices BTW).

I awoke Saturday morning in a fair amount of pain. And I’m not talking hangover here (Yes, it sounded like I drank a lot. I had my fair share but no hangover – score!). My back, right under my right armpit was ACHING! And when I coughed? Holy eff!!!! FF considered the ER. I called Sis instead. She was pretty sure I bruised or cracked a rib from all the coughing – fun! Oh well, too much to do to worry about it! So FF & I headed out to run errands. We hit Walmart, and a local farm (for fresh corn, potatoes and 3 pints of fresh picked (by us) raspberries). Then it was off to the apple orchard for a peck of Cortlands (and a couple of Macs to snack on). And finally, our destination. The pig roast for BGF’s husband’s 30th birthday. There was SO.MUCH.FOOD! The pig? 250 pounds! And salads and crackers and potatoes and veggies. Oh my! We visited with mom, dad, Sis & the kids. With friends who we’ve seen much of recently and some we haven’t seen in years (or FF hadn’t met). We thought about spending the night but the party wound down and a sore rib isn’t good for car sleeping. So we headed home & grabbed takeout. Great night!

Yesterday was more morning discomfort and more wrapping me up like a mummy to keep pressure on the rib. Some more sleep and I was good as new (kinda). We had decided to make a big meal with all the fresh food we bought (and I had picked up roasting chickens at $0.88/lb!). I also planned to scratch off #43 from my list of 50 Things To Do Before I Turn 31 and make a homemade apple pie (I don’t like pie and I have never made one. Until now! Even the crust was from scratch!). I cooked like a mad woman! We had roast chicken, mashed potatoes, stuffing, squash/zucchini/onion saute & corn on the cob. DELISH!

And that my friends is a birthday week to remember. Thanks to all of you played a part. Whether it was by celebrating with me in person, sending me a video (thanks TurnJacson!), tweeting your birthday wishes, commenting here or on Facebook. I felt so loved and it was AMAZING! Thank you all again! XO


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  1. * Genina says:

    YAY!!! What a fab birthday week, minus the cracked rib of course!!! Sounds like it was better than you’d expected, and exactly what you deserve for a 30th birthday week – wish we could have been there to celebrate with you!!!

    hugs n kisses!!!


    | Reply Posted 8 years, 5 months ago
    • * saucyredhead says:

      Thank you girl crush! I wish you could have been here too! It would have made that much more AMAZINGSAUCE! XOXOXO

      | Reply Posted 8 years, 5 months ago

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