You Can Call Me Saucy

In A Nutshell

Just a few snippets of things that I did/saw/heard/felt/experienced from this past weekend. It was amazing!

Talking baseball & hotdogs with my 2.5 year old nephew

Season 3 of “Weeds”

$50 bottles of champagne…drank out of a pint glass with a new friend(?)

First morning kisses

Cooking 18 things simultaneously on a Saturday morning…while dancing & singing around the kitchen & having workers painting your house

Family brunches where everyone enjoyed the food, the company & lots of laughter

Little JD getting ready to walk on his own

Adult naptimes – that don’t include sleep 😉

BBQs with new friends

Beerpong & jello shots

A pit bull & a little baby pug puppy

Getting to bed early on Saturday night (I’m talking 10pm!)

Early morning chats & movies

Sleeping in (till 11am!)

Friends meeting up at your house

Enjoying a beautiful day under blue skies with friends (new & old) playing disc golf

Riding home in the back seat with the windows open

Pastaless spaghetti with dad’s homemade sauce

Waking up on Monday morning to discover that…your fasting blood sugar is 105, a friend came through on their promise to get you & your dad tickets to the Tractor Pulls at the Champlain Valley Expo & a text from a super sweet, scorchingly hot boyfriend who says something about your body (i.e. that it’s “incredibly sexy”..swoon!)

I’m totally ready for this week. My boss is out unexpectedly and may be most of the week but it’s not gonna get me down!

How about you – what were the highlights of your weekend?


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