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Random Friday

We made it through another week!!!! Wahoo! Actually, this week FLEW by. It was like I blinked and it was over. WTF? Oh well, that just mean it’s one more week closer to my BIRTHDAY! I LOVE my birthday. People say that will stop at some point but I’m turning 30 this year and I am STILL excited. I’m having my first party this weekend. My lovelies, as I call them, and I are having a joint 30th. The four of us all turn 30 within two months of each other (I’m the only one of us that hasn’t had my actual birthday yet – aka “The Baby”) We’ve all invited mutual friends and friends from other areas of our lives. We’re doing an afternoon potluck BBQ. We have jello shots and a bonfire planned for later 🙂 I was dreading this at first but now I’m excited. I went out last night and picked up “30” tiaras for us to wear and we’re all wearing white shirts with jeans and I’ll be personalizing the shirts. We’ll be super cute! Dessert is cupcakes in the shape of, well, a 30 of course! Pretty sure I know what next week’s Wordless Wednesday will be 🙂 FF can’t make the party and while it’s a bummer, I understand. With his second job as a DJ we planned out the dates he would need off this summer back in April & May. Since we only planned this party about a month ago? Too late! So he’ll be working a double tomorrow and he’ll be missed but my family is going to be there and I’m very excited about that! Apparently JD got his first chomper this week – yay!!!

On Sunday FF and I are headed to Centennial Field to watch the Vermont Lake Monsters baseball team. My work is sponsoring the day so tickets and a BBQ are paid for. We’re looking forward to it (and hitting Old Navy after for $8 hoodies!!!). Then we plan on just being lazy and starting something new over at this here blog. There’s been a lot of talk about relationships & couples in the Twitterverse lately. We both feel like we’re pretty damn lucky to have each other and that our relationship is solid and awesome! We figured we’d take some time and write some posts (some together, some just by me and some just by him) about what we feel makes our relationship so awesome. We’ve both been in dark places in our lives and we know that what we have takes work – every day, by both of us. By no means are we marriage/relationship counselors but we feel like what we have works so well we’d like to share what works for us. It sounds kinda conceited when I see it like that but I know you know what our intentions are 🙂

So, now to share a few internet gems with you. I don’t have too much this week, but I’m willing to share what I do have:

Tiffany from Mom-Nom tweeted about a video where a woman on a reverse bungee ride has a very strange reaction. See for yourself here.

And here’s an article for my single friends with advice for their dating profiles.

My triplet growing friend Jenny posted a link to this site and I couldn’t help myself. It’s hysterical!

My cousin posted this video on Facebook. If you love animals, it’s a must see! And I think it teaches a lesson that the entire human race needs to learn.

Lastly, I’ll remind you again. My birthday is September 15th (that’s 24 shopping  days left!) and here’s the wishlist I created. But hey, cash is fine too 🙂

I guess that does it for me this week. There were some great posts this week so go back through the archives to see them if you missed em! Have a great weekend and see you back here on Monday! XOXO


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