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Sex Music

Do you remember when FF wrote this post? (DM for password! And note, he will be guest posting over at The Lame Sauce next Tuesday so don’t forget to read!) Well since then there’s been a lot of Twitter activity about sex to music. FF & I are big fans. I always have been. I find something inherently sexy about so much music. I’d talked to him about this and he was disinterested. Most likely because my idea of sexy and his idea of sexy are two different things. I mean my vote for sexiest song ever? Wicked Games by Chris Isaak (ok, maybe it’s the video. Whatev!). FF? NOT a fan! So I challenged him to create a playlist he could envision himself having sex to. He was worried at first because he thought it would, “screw with his rhythm.” I assured him it wouldn’t. And off to work he went.

Now playing on my iPod? The Brown Chicken Brown Cow mix (this is a punchline to a silly joke. I would tell it but it’s not the same as actually hearing it.) Some people have asked what’s on said mix. Well folks, today is your lucky day! Here’s a sampling of artists on the list:

John Legend
Maroon 5
Alicia Keys
Ben Harper
Black Eyed Peas
Dave Matthews Band
Kings of Leon

And some other artists you may or may not have heard of:

Anthony Hamilton


Trevor Hall

There’s many, many more. Right now the playlist is at about 75 songs. It’s a good mix of soulful music with dance music with slightly “harder” music (think Metallica, Theory of a Deadman & NIN). We’ll hear new music and know right away that it’s perfect for this list. It’s equal parts male & female artists. Fast & slow beats. We love putting it on shuffle and seeing where the music takes us.

So what about you…what songs are sexy? What songs would you put on a sex list? Have you ever tried sex to music? Can’t wait to hear from you! XO


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  1. * TurnJacson says:

    Music sets the mood… you don’t need it all the time, but sometimes its just perfect to have it going in the back round.

    A couple personal favorites…

    Avant – Phone Sex(That’s Whats)

    112 – Anywhere

    Tyrese – I wanna go there

    R. Kelly – One Me: This song speaks for itself… “There can only be one me, can’t nobody, can’t nobody, do your body like me”

    R. Kelly – Intro: This song kicks off with some soft base and the opening lyrics are… “Hit it hard from the back, fool around on the front..”

    *I had a talk with a buddy of mine and front to back R. Kelly’s album was basically made to sex to. I couldn’t tell you how many times I’ve thrown-down to that CD. Just push play and go to work 😉

    **It was before R.Kelly got all weird

    | Reply Posted 8 years, 6 months ago
    • * saucyredhead says:

      Exactly! Sometimes it happens to be on. Sometimes we put it on to set the mood. Sometimes we hear a song and it puts us in the mood!

      | Reply Posted 8 years, 6 months ago

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