You Can Call Me Saucy

Random Friday

I’m still amazed at the outpouring of love and acceptance I got from yesterday’s post. As Jenny said on her blog awhile back…those people who say the internet is a bad & scary place? Have not been to my internet. Thank you all again from the bottom of my heart. I am truly humbled by your kind words. I have a fun post planned for Monday so be on the lookout. But for today let’s see what gems I found on the internet this week:

Football season is here! Normally this isn’t something I’d be excited about but FF is a die hard football fan (Go Pats!). I’ve learned a lot about the game and can even have conversations about football without sounding like a douchetwat (I hope!). So in honor of that and the term douchetwat, let’s talk about Tim Tebow. I’m not gonna get into my personal feelings (I think you know how I feel about him) or why I feel that way because that has no bearing on this gem. He was drafted by Denver and all new drafts have to go through something of a hazing period. Carrying pads to & from practice for other players is an example. Time Tebow’s teammates? Made him get a haircut.

I like talking about blog posts from the week that I have enjoyed. This one is a double winner. Double because this blogger had a post make the countdown a few weeks ago and double the fun because it’s about diabetes. Jacquie over at Typical Type 1 did a shout out to the DOC this week and I wish I could write something half this awesome. Kisses Jacquie!

Last week I talked about becoming an anti-protest advocate. So this week, I found someone else pulling a reverse protest (does that make sense?!). Maybe this is wrong but anywhere you combine strippers with organized religion – you’re bound to get a laugh out of it!

So I’m sure you’ve all seen this by now but that girl who quit her job with the white board e-mail? GENIUS! Too bad it turned out to be a hoax 😦

This story was heartwarming about love born from tragedy.

Seems like Texas has a thing for fried food. Ugh! Check out the top strange fried foods from around the country (and we wonder why Americans tend to be overweight!)

And lastly this week, get out the tissues. This video was all over Twitter and Facebook this week. I have yet to find a person that made it all the way through this video. Go ahead, give it a shot 🙂

Well, in a few hours I’m headed to the lake to see my Monkey and spend time with family. Wedding tomorrow and out of town visitors on Sunday. Another full weekend over here. But it still looks like FF & I get to sleep in on Sunday so I’m ok with it 🙂 XO


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