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Precursor to Wordless Wednesday

Hey all! Hope everyone had a fantastic weekend. I know I did! I plan on showing off all sorts of pictures tomorrow for Wordless Wednesday but they’re going to need some explanation. So today, I’ll give you the verbal rundown of our weekend. And tomorrow? The good stuff – the visual.

My weekend technically started on Thursday. When I got done work at 4pm, I didn’t have to be back until Monday morning. Score! I did some quick errands, changed my clothes and headed to my friend Lucy’s rehearsal. For several reasons, I was nervous about this. In case you didn’t know, I was acting as a wedding coordinator for this wedding. Something I’ve done a few times before, but it always gets me stressed & anxious. There were a few small hiccups but it went very smoothly. Dinner was DELICIOUS (ribs, BBQ chicken, corn on the cob, salad…carbs, carbs and more carbs – yum!). Ff & I left shortly after 8pm and ran  some errands. When we got home we put together all the food we’d need for the weekend and spent a very short amount of time decompressing on the couch before bed.

On Friday morning I woke up and started getting together everything we’d need for our weekend away. Thank God I’m a list maker so I could stay on track! Then I met the bridal party for manicures & pedicures (this was a very appreciated gift from the bride & groom). After which I grabbed some pizza (I’ve learned that PMS = pizza craving. Awesome). Then I started getting myself all gussied up for the wedding. FF got home and got himself all hot and off we went.

I put a lot of miles on my $10 wedges but everything seemed to go so well! The bridge & groom seemed ecstatic, the guests were content and I was pooped! We enjoyed dinner (again, delicious!), a free keg of Miller Lite & some awesome dancing. Lots of people took pictures of us since the new camera we’d just bought from Criagslist was a dud (just needs new special batteries but still a PITA). FF looked damn good and I must admit, I’m definitely starting to see the benefits from all this exercise. I was really happy with how I looked! It’s a great feeling (but somehow still not giving me enough motivation – I did not want to get back to the gym yesterday. But I did 🙂 )

We left the wedding at about 10:30 and headed home and straight to bed. We were up about 7:30 on Saturday morning to get dressed, finish packing and head out. We were on the road by 9. We hit FF’s work real quick, grabbed some road trip snacks and then made some stops in St. Albans he had to make (and one at Dunkin Donuts for me! Yay hazelnut coolattas!) and then we were on our way to Morgan, Vermont for my family reunion. I’ll be honest, we stopped for gas on the way and I had a mini anxiety attack. Well, mini for me. Luckily FF saw it happening and was able to get me calmed down in no time – he’s good like that! (note: FF & I have been discussing my anxiety and how lately it’s a possibility that I may need to resume counseling and/or medication. I’m not ashamed of this. I just wish it were easier for me to get through life without freaking out all the time) We arrived at the reunion a bit late but it was still going strong. There were A LOT of people I didn’t know there (it was my dad’s mom’s side of the family) and honestly, I didn’t meet anyone new. I wanted to enjoy the day and my nephews so that’s what I did. I figure I’ve gone almost 30 years without knowing these people and most likely won’t see them again (ever or at least for a long time). We visited, we ate, we laughed. Then we headed back on the road once more.

We were heading for the Shadow Lake Hilton – which is BRE’s family’s cabin on Shadow Lake in Concord, VT. It took us a little over an hour but we got there – and saw some beautiful scenery on the way. We stopped and grabbed beer, ice & snacks. Upon our arrival I let out a huge sigh. FF was worried it was another anxiety attack coming but he was wrong – I was simply getting the rest of all that bad/nervous energy out of my system. We spent the night eating, drinking & playing games by the fire. BRE’s brother brought their Weimaraner puppy named Willy who was so damn cute I wanted to take him home for myself. No surprise it was FF, BRE & I that stayed up the latest. We went to bed about 2:30. We awoke at 9 (zOMG – I slept until 9?! Best sleep I’d had in weeks!!!). BRE’s dad made a wonderful breakfast and we headed home. The cabin was exactly what I needed. I felt relaxed and refreshed in a way I haven’t in a very long time. It’s an amazing feeling and my goal is to ride the high of it for at least the rest of the week (so far so good, but it’s only Tuesday…)

When we got home, we took a nap. Well, first a shower. After sweating, bonfires & sleeping in a car I needed that. After a few hours of sleep, FF’s best friend Teenwolf arrived. He’d come up to have drinks to celebrate his birthday and spend some QT with FF (for which FF took Monday off – wow!) We hit Buffalo Wild Wings for dinner and then watched the Hall of Fame game before retiring (well, most of the game – I was beat!). And then whaddya know, Monday was here – yuck!

So come back tomorrow for Wordless Wednesday where you’ll actually be able to SEE how much fun we had. XOXOXO


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  1. I saw today on twitter that you are going back to counseling… that should definately help. Xanax is my friend. I also need to go back to counseling and not just rely on the meds. YAY! For you… very proud of you. lurve you.

    | Reply Posted 8 years, 6 months ago
    • * saucyredhead says:

      Yup! I’ll be writing all about it tomorrow. I’ve realized this is my safe place and I need to be open about some of the issues (besides diabetes) that I deal with on a regular basis!

      | Reply Posted 8 years, 6 months ago

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