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Random Friday

Thank God it’s FINALLY Friday! I have to admit though, this week absolutely flew by. I have a busy weekend ahead of course, weekends ALWAYS fly by far too fast! First of all, let’s update you on the progress of my D-goals:

Lancet: I’m still sucking at changing this twice a week. I changed it last night & I think that may have been the first time I changed it since I wrote these goals. FAIL

CGM: Paperwork complete! Sent to CDE! Being processed! SUCCESS

Exercise: Gym 5 days for lifting and because of a little hiccup (read: tired) last week we had to run FOUR days this week for the Couch to 5K program. Last night was a 20 minute jog! It was tough but I made it through with only one short (45 seconds) walking break. I’m feeling REALLY good about my body right now SUCCESS

Diet: I’ll admit, this week I was really tight on funds so I did awesome with my diet! Snacks were few & far between but healthy like apples & peanut butter – yum! SUCCESS

Smoking: I’m still down to only 6 cigarettes a day. Next week I step down to five. Hold me? SUCCESS

A1C: I’ve been having A LOT of unexplained high BGs this week and they’re making BIG jumps. My 7 day average on my meter? 219. Yikes. So either something is brewing or I really need to do those basal assessments. I don’t really like either option. FAIL

Also, an update on my feet. I’ve still had some swelling. Wednesday night after three nights in a row of running I was quite swollen and in pain (all the way to my calves) I’m taking Lasix to bring down the swelling and my Echocardiogram is scheduled for Monday morning. You can count on me to keep you posted! But now, the best things I found on the internet this week:

This DJ is super excited about his job. if this video doesn’t make you snort with laughter, I’m not sure we can be friends.

Adrienne over at No Points For Style posted about how different the world would be if Mental Illness was seen in the same light as cancer. Her words and ideas blew me away and I am STILL trying to find the words to tell her how in awe I am. Read it for yourself here

I’ve always been interested in all things Holocaust related (I know that sounds morbid – but it’s not – I swear!) I’ve spent years trying to figure out how someone that evil could be brought to power and how thousands and thousand of people could kill millions of other people just because of their religion. Makes no sense to me. Anyway, I saw this headline and I was intrigued: Former Inmate Recalls Daring Escape From Auschwitz. It’s a tearjerker and I can’t guarantee the ending will make you happy but it’s riveting none the less.

Something I wasn’t sure about sharing is the fact that The Pioneer Woman is cleaning out her closet & giving away things she doesn’t want anymore! Can you believe it?! She’s already given away 6 items and will continue posting. If you win something from her & heard about this from me? We are officially fighting!

Don’t forget that Gregg over at The Lame Sauce is doing the LIVESTRONG Challenge – a 100 mile bike ride (you go Gregg!). He’s looking for donations and there’s a perk! For every $5 you donate to kicking cancer’s ass? You are entered in a drawing to win a 12×24 original painting! Swoon!!!! If you haven’t seen his work – check out Modern Bird Studios. So go over and shower him with donations – it’s for a wonderful cause!

Lastly, my birthday is coming up (less than 2 months – that’s close right? Right?!). I love my birthday! This is a big one too – the big ~gasp~ 3-0! There are some things I really want for my birthday this year so I took the guess work out of it for anyone that will actually buy me gifts (go ahead & ask – I’ll give you my address 🙂 ) and started an online wishlist at Kaboodle. It’s been fun doing some virtual window shopping! On that note, I will be posting some goals/bucket list kind of things in the days & weeks leading up to my big day (September 15th. You won’t forget – trust me, I won’t let you!). I’d also really like to do some giveaways so if you’re interested or know anyone that would like to help me do a giveaway, please let me know. You know how to find me 😉

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend! XO

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  1. * Karen says:

    Awesome job on the 20 minute run. I needed one short break my first time too. I bet you’ll run the whole 20 minutes next time. 🙂

    | Reply Posted 9 years, 10 months ago
    • * saucyredhead says:

      Thank you again for the inspiration!

      | Reply Posted 9 years, 10 months ago
  2. * Adrienne says:

    Wow, thank you! Such kind words!

    | Reply Posted 9 years, 10 months ago
    • * saucyredhead says:

      There still not enough to convey everything I want but it’s a start!

      | Reply Posted 9 years, 10 months ago

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