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D Feast Friday – Low Carb & High Protein

I heard about this wonderful idea from Karen & Lorraine. I’ve been very much enjoying the Momma’s Munchies I’ve been doing with Lindsey & I feel like this is a great opportunity to connect on that same level with the DOC. My recipe for today is something that’s evolved over time. It was the first thing I ever made for FF (who in case you didn’t know – also stays away from those evil carbs!). We were headed out on a road trip to NH (so I could meet his family for the first time – yikes!) I had made some mini cheesecakes for the party but I knew we would need breakfast too. So I found a quick & easy recipe for a quiche. I made it and we ate it and it was…ok. It definitely had potential but needed some work. A few weeks later I suggested it again and he asked, “Do you think you can make it without a crust?” HA! I’ll make it without a crust – sure! While I’m at it? I’m switching the eggs to just egg whites. Let’s make this thing healthy & delicious! Well, second time around and we were goners. We have this quiche at least once a month and it’s a hit whenever we bring it to brunch parties or serve it to out of town guests. I should warn you however, I don’t use a lot of measuring devices. I work more in handfuls & pinches. So without further ado…

Choose Your Own Adventure Quiche

Egg Whites (I use the kind in a carton – soooo much easier. We rarely have “real” eggs in the house. My guess at how much? 1/2 cup? 3/4 cup?)

12oz (or so) of meat of your choice (we love using breakfast sausage – one regular package. We’ve also tried it with bacon. Both are delicious!)

8oz (or so)of veggies of your choice (we use mushrooms. We’ve also tried spinach and peppers. Again, totally interchangeable based on your tastes)

Shredded Cheese (I use a handful. Use whatever you’d like – Mozzarella, Taco Blend – it all works!)

Milk – just need a little bit. The original recipe called for half & half. I tried it with the light stuff & it was fine. Now I just use my low carb milk – feel free to use whatever you would like)

Spices (again, base this on your tastes. We use Cayenne pepper – but just a little because spice & I are NOT friends!)

I’m going to write the directions for how I cook using sausage & mushrooms. I know you’ll all be able to make the substitutions for yourself where necessary

Preheat the oven to 350°

Brown sausage & mushrooms (I usually sprinkle a little Cayenne on them while cooking)

While meat & veggies are cooking I mix the milk, egg whites, cheese & a bit more Cayenne (sounds like a lot but it’s not – remember, I don’t like heat)

Once the meat & veggies are cooked I pour them into a greased (I use Pam cooking spray) 9″ pie plate. I pour the egg mixture on top (this is how to tell if you have enough eggs – it should just barely cover the meat & veggie mixture)

Bake at 350° for about half an hour. You’ll know when it’s done – the eggs will be fluffy and firm

Slice & enjoy!

I don’t have the nutritional info for this as it’s something I adapted to suit my dietary needs (hell, I can’t even tell you how much eggs to use or how long to cook it!). I can tell you the way I make it, it’s low in carbs & calories and high in protein and good fats. It’s also delicious & soooo versatile. We’ve done a bacon & spinach quiche (I used the ranch dressing powder packets for my spice) and a veggie one (mushrooms, peppers, spinach etc. with sesame oil as the “spice”). It’s always well received and I like it because I can make it ahead of time & just reheat it in the over (or take leftovers to work!) I hope you all enjoy this recipe as much as FF & I do! XO



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  1. * Karen says:

    Oh my goodness, this sounds so good!!!! I want to make it for breakfast this weekend – except it may be too hot for the oven. As soon as we get some reasonable weather though, I’m making this!

    | Reply Posted 8 years, 7 months ago
    • * saucyredhead says:

      I hear ya – i don’t want to bake in this weather either. But I’m going to anyway – it’s worth it! 🙂

      | Reply Posted 8 years, 7 months ago
  2. * Lorraine says:

    This does sound good, and I just ate! I love the ability to tailor this recipe! Thanks Saucy.

    | Reply Posted 8 years, 7 months ago

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