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I had my regular endocrinology appointment last week. It didn’t go as well as I’d hoped. First off, I didn’t see my regular endo. Apparently when I called to double check my appointment time they discovered she wasn’t going to be in that week. So since she was scheduling out into November, I saw a different doctor because it had already been six months since my last appointment. Plus I was anxious to get my A1C test results since this would let me know where I was at with MDI (hadn’t had an A1C checked since I came off the Omnipod). I went in and went through with the normal (weight, height, blood pressure, pulse). My weight went up 3lbs but honestly, I’m 5’8″ and now weigh 144 pounds. I have nothing to be ashamed of. Plus in the last six months I have been working out A LOT (at this point I am weight training 5X a week, running 3x and about to start some serious core workouts 2x a week and checking out a Zumba class – go #sweatbetes!). So 3lbs? Eh, it’s all muscle 🙂 My blood pressure & pulse was back to the range it was when I was diagnosed (90/50 – on the low side but that’s normal for me – and my pulse is a little quick but also normal for me!). They downloaded my meter. Then the bombshell. Let me preface by saying I’ve been having a lot of dreams lately where what I dream about happens (let’s hope last night’s serial killer dream is an exception to that rule). Last appointment I was at 7.5 – decent but I knew I could do better. I dreamt the morning of my appointment that I was at 7.2. My goal is 6.5 but to come off the pump and drop my A1C I would be thrilled – no such luck. 7.8. Still not terrible but I KNOW I can do better! We talked about my middle of the night lows and the dawn phenomenon. We discusses switching from Lantus to Levemir (I currently split my large dose of Lantus into two doses for ease. The thinking is I would do better on a 12 hour insulin instead of a 24.) This sounds good in theory but why has this never been brought up before. I have ALWAYS split my Lantus dose and I have always had problems with middle of the night and morning sugars. I’m feeling very resistant to change. I feel like I keep making little changes and I’m not seeing the results I want. But as long as the doctors that I trust keep telling me to change, I will do so.

So to go along with the changes being made by the doctors, there are a lot of changes I’ve been wanting(needing) to make for myself and my diabetes care. So once again, I am laying all my goals out on the table. Any input, motivation or support is appreciated. Here’s what I vow to do in order to see changes before my next appointment (CDE on September 7th)

Change lancet regularly– Like I’m the only person that is terrible about this? It’s such a pain (figuratively AND literally). I know you’re supposed to change for every test but my goal is to change it twice a week to start. I’m thinking Monday mornings and Thursday nights. We’ll see how this goes.

Get a CGM – I’ve done my trial. I’ve picked the one I want (Dexcom SEVEN Plus). I have the paperwork. Now I just have to fill it out & go through the approval process. I think part of what’s holding me back is I know once I get used to it I’m going to want to go back on the pump. I don’t know why necessarily that it would be a bad thing, I guess financially I am scared as well as I don’t know if I want to be hooked up to TWO machines. I need to at least have the paperwork done and be in the approval phase by September. One step at a time right?

Exercise – I’ve been doing soooo well with this! My weight training is going well. I’m on Week 3 (skipping ahead to Week 4 tonight!) of Couch to 5K. I”m going to be doing ab workouts at home the two nights a week I don’t run. I’m checking out a Zumba class next week that my friend teaches. I’m in the best shape of my life and you know what? After all that bitching about needing motivation months ago? I’m such a baby. Exercise IS indeed addictive and I am LOVING all the changes in my body. As far as exercise related goals I hope to stick to my training regimen as well as run a 5K on August 15th

Diet – I haven’t been doing such a great job in this department. I’ve found adding running to my workouts is causing some lows (trying now to be within goal AND eat a PB sandwich before workouts now – seems to help). I”m trying to limit cereal for breakfast to 3x a week and the other (weekdays) eat a double fiber english muffin with PB & a fiber yogurt. On the weekends I don’t normally do breakfast but I’m going to try to eat eggs & meat if I’m so inclined. I need to limit my snacking AND make better choices (maybe I shouldn’t keep change around so I can’t hit the vending machine!). I’m a boredom eater so it’s tough.  I’m also picky. So I’m trying to substitute – instead of chips & chocolate I’m trying to eat pickles, bologna rollups, apples, pepper strips & dressing etc. I also need to NOT use the weekend as an excuse to eat anything I want. Lord, help me

Quit smoking – this is coming along! I can make a pack last me over 3 days right now. I think it might take a while to get all the way to zero cigarettes a day but as far as I’m concerned, every step closer is better than nothing.

A1C of 6.5 – This is the big one! I hope that if I can stick to the goals above, I should be able to hit this goal hopefully by my November appointment. And I hope to stay there for one year – AT LEAST!

These are my short term (yet long term) goals. I have some other long term diabetes goals too like becoming a mentor (paperwork has been submitted – just waiting to hear when they need me!), doing a JDRF walk, attending a conference & becoming much more active in the DOC. For now, I am dedicating the next two months to committing to these goals and following through. I plan on updating my progress every Friday during my Random Friday post. So there you have it. Next week come back to read my review (no compensation – the complete truth!) of the new BD Nano needles. Until then! XO


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