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Well, thanks to LCW over at Waking Up Williams, I will be posting a new recipe every Monday as part of Momma’s Munchies (which is a lot like a blog hop y’all!) So, obviously I’m not a mom, but BOTH FF & I enjoy cooking and entertaining. So I thought I’d participate and LCW said it was fine that I wasn’t a momma. So, here I am! This week’s category was appetizers. Immediately I knew what recipe I wanted to share.

Shortly before moving in together, we took a road trip to this little restaurant I’d heard about and driven by but never tried. It’s about an hour away and tucked in to one of the mountainous spots in our lovely state (that’s saying something for Vermont!). So we had, quite possibly, the best.meal.ever. We tried new things and we left very full. FF even commented that his burps even tasted good (men!)! Our very favorite thing we had was Negi Maki. YUM-O! We enjoyed it so much that not only did we find a restaurant close by that serves it (but it doesn’t taste quite as good) but we (read: FF) has made it for two separate dinner parties. So without further ado, here’s the recipe courtesy of Sandra Lee from Food Network (since the rest of you are mommas…I thought I’d give you the semi-homemade version for your convenience…just as tasty in half the time & effort!)

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  • 3 spring onions, root trimmed off
  • 12 frozen asparagus spears, defrosted
  • 12 beef sandwich slices (1/8 thin, about 4 by 6-inches)
  • 1/4 cup teriyaki sauce, store-bought


Cut each spring onion in half lengthwise, then cut each length in half into 2 pieces, about 4 inches long. Set aside.

Trim ends of asparagus spears so that just 4 inches of the floret end remains. Set aside.

Lay out beef slices on a work surface, like tall rectangles. Place a green and a white portion of onion and 1 piece of asparagus across the bottom of the beef rectangles. Roll each portion tightly into a cylinder; secure each portion with 1 or 2 toothpicks.

Brush each roll with teriyaki sauce.

Preheat the grill, grill pan or broiler. Grill or broil for 3 minutes. Turn over and baste each portion again with teriyaki sauce. Cook for another 3 minutes.

Serve immediately.

Thanks again LCW – great idea!!!! XOXO


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