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So, it’s been a while since my last diabetes post. It’s not because there hasn’t been issues or questions etc., it’s more because I have so many other things going on that are much more fun to write (and read!) about. Now it’s time for this post. I’ve been off my Omnipod pump for a few months and have been back to MDI. I had already told myself it was MDI for a while…but now things are changing.

Let me start with some history. My diagnosis came in April of 2007. By the following April I was looking into pumps and I chose the Omnipod and started pumping in December of 2008. I loved pumping! What wasn’t to love? Only having needles in your skin once every three days? Yes please! Having my glucometer & pump work together and do all those calculations for me? Why not! Well, I started becoming slightly apathetic about checking sugars and taking boluses. My thoughts were “Hey, this is giving me insulin all the time. I don’t need to bother.” My A1C showed it too, I was up at almost 9.0 – yikes! And then, Omnipod wanted me to pay my balance before sending another shipment. How dare them! Ok, so I hadn’t paid them any money up til then but it’s not like I had it. I was using my money for my insulin, strips, healthy food and doctor’s visits. For all of you non-PWDs, let me just say, being diabetic is EXPENSIVE. And I have insurance. I’ve even tried to get supplemental insurance but I “make too much money.” PFFFFFFTTTT. Clearly, I make so much money that I am back to using my pump.

I couldn’t afford to buy my Lantus when I ran out a few days ago. My endo doesn’t have any insulin anymore so I wasn’t sure what to do. I get paid today but that didn’t help me two days ago. So, I took out a Novolog pen and put 100 units into a pod. That way I figured I was still getting my basal insulin (I wouldn’t recommend this but it was a desperate situation). It’s been working too! Lucky for me I’m a quick thinker. When I first got all my OmniPod stuff back out I said to FF, “I haven’t missed this at all.” Two days later I’m remembering the freedom that comes with pumping. No more pens & pen needles. No more ouchies on my belly and thighs from AT LEAST 5 shots a day.

I’m also looking into a CGM. Well, I’m getting a CGM. I chose the Dexcom Seven Plus. I’m hoping to have it by my next Endo appointment in July. Of course, I’m also hoping for an A1C of 7.0. We’ll see if either of those happen 🙂 I know once I get that CGM working for me I’m going to want my pump back. The ease of  it all! But, do I want to be hooked up to two different devices to manage by diabetes? How will I keep from becoming indifferent about it all over again.

This post is kind of all over the place (could be the low blood sugar that occurred mid post) but I guess I just need feedback from the DOC. Do you pump and have a CGM? How do you do it? Do you recommend it? What would you change? What advice do you have? I’ll take it please!


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  1. * Adriana says:

    I’ve been pumping since 1992. Every once in a while i need a “pump vacation.” Sometimes I just get sick and tired of being attached with diabetes “stuff” all the time. At the end of the day I know I feel better and do better when I’m on the pump and using my Dexcom. It works for me. Using a pump and a CGM have been amazing for me and my control.

    I think it is important to remember that you can become indifferent on MDI as well as on the pump.

    | Reply Posted 8 years, 8 months ago
  2. * Jacquie says:

    I have a pump and a CGM — but they’re both Minimed, so I don’t have the separate receiver that Dexcoms have. I really like it, but sometimes I find that I have to take little breaks — not wear the CGM for a few days — just to give myself a break from the information. You get hooked on checking it every few minutes!

    | Reply Posted 8 years, 8 months ago
  3. * brigdon says:

    I just got my CGM today. I’m using MM- but so far so good. I was really worried about being hooked to another thing, but the sensor and transmitter are so tiny- I don’t really notice it! I’ll keep you posted on how it’s going- it’s hard to say since it is just my first day!

    | Reply Posted 8 years, 8 months ago

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