You Can Call Me Saucy

The story of Us – Part 1

I’ve been trying to write this post for weeks and haven’t known where to begin. Well, FF & I are on our way home from a fun (yet whirlwind) trip to Massachusetts today and we’re exhausted so it seems like a fun way to keep us awake and focused.
As of June 1st, FF & I have been living together for a year. Which means we’ve been together, as boyfriend/girlfriend, serious monogamous couple, for one year. I wanted to write something to tell our story. I love how this started and I think others would find it amusing. When he found out I was going to write it, he asked if he could at least read it before I published it. Tonight, we’ve taken it one step farther and writing it…together. This story will probably take a few posts, but enjoy reading and know that this story most definitely has a happy ending.


Many times a love story begins the other way around – but not for us. I went to see one of my favorite bands (Enter The Haggis – check it!) with some friends and went to meet up with some different friends after the show. Being a Wednesday night, I knew where the crew I was in search of would be – The cheap, beer pitcher serving karaoke place downtown. So off I went. When I got there, I spotted a small group of familiar faces. When I got closer I could see they were also with some people I didn’t know. Score! I LOVE meeting new people. I really do. I love networking and learning about people. I’ve been known to make friends by commenting on someone’s produce in line at the grocery store. Well, not only were these new people, but one was HAWT! Like scorching, burning, fiery hot! He was also stumbling, fumbling and apparently black out drunk. I went right up and tried to make conversation but he was trying to pay his bar tab & go home. I called him a pussy for leaving thinking a little friendly confrontation would change his mind so I could get to know him better. No dice.
After he left I started talking to some of the other new faces in the crowd. One was none other than who you know as BRE. FF & BRE were living in the same apartment at that point. BRE started talking me up and I thought he was a funny guy. A total ladies man but whom in my post super traumatic drama filled breakup aggressiveness I could totally see through. I joked around and was totally unabashedly myself. I had gotten to a point where I wasn’t going to waste my time getting to know somebody if they couldn’t handle the real me so I began showing it at first sight despite whoever have may thought that I was crazy. Back to the story. BRE started talking about what a great guy FF was. He just wouldn’t stop singing his praises. I found the whole thing a bit odd. I felt like BRE was coming onto me on behalf of the absent, drunk, good looking FF. I left the bar that night without getting any numbers or having any way to contact any of the new people. I knew it work out how it was supposed to. I had to believe in karma – always have, always will.
When I got home later that night I decided to snoop. You guessed it, Facebook stalking! I was able to track done FF’s profile through a string of other friends. I went for it and sent him a message. “I’m sorry I called you a pussy. I hope I didn’t hurt your feelings. It was nice to meet you.” Send ~gulp~


When I opened the message, the name seemed semi familiar but I had not idea who it was. Plus the picture didn’t really help. So, I enlisted the help of BRE & he informed me I had seen you at the bar downtown. I didn’t really remember but decided to respond with, “No worries. Buy me a drink Friday night and we’ll call it even.” We messaged a few times between then and Friday but didn’t make any solid plans. On Friday I went to that same bar. I saw you come in but I wasn’t sure it was you. I didn’t really remember meeting you but for some reason I knew it was you. You were cuter in person than in your facebook picture. You walked by me but quickly returned and found me because I was standing with the same group of friends you had gone looking for the first night we met. We chatted for a minute, I don’t remember now what we talked about that first conversation but I do know that we quickly exchanged numbers which was the best decision ever. We ended up going our separate ways but I received a text from you about two minutes after we split and you said, “You’re cute!” and I responded, “Ditto.” That was all for then. A little while later I texted you telling you I was heading dancing and invited you to meet. Well I found out it wasn’t what I expected when I got to that bar and left before I had a chance to tell you. So you went, paid a cover and bought me a drink. When I texted you telling you I was downstairs instead you threatened to go home because you were disappointed about paying a cover & buying me a drink and I wouldn’t come. BRE & I continued waiting downstairs. I stood in the doorway waiting for you to come down the stairs. When you spotted me you seemed pretty excited to see me and I was pretty excited that you were excited to see me. We pretty much agreed to just move on and find a bar where we could dance like we’d been talking about. We made way to this seedy little place but the only place we could go to dance. It gets a little blurry at this point but I do remember that it felt like it was just us on the dance floor tearing it up. It didn’t matter that there were hundreds of sweaty people around, it felt like just us. I know there was some making out (allegedly) I don’t feel like we left with each other but I know we met up outside. I was a drunken boy trying to get you to come home with me. I’m thankful now that you said no. The next day you had posted something on Facebook about me owing you a meal. I guess at some point the night before I had said I had wanted to buy you a meal. I didn’t remember. But I texted you that day with kind of a douchebag comment. I said something like, “I’ll let you know when we’re even…and I’ll cook you breakfast” I didn’t hear anything back from you that night. Sunday brought about a bit of some liquid courage and I decided to send you a text. Thankfully you responded. I was giving you crap for the company you were hanging out with so then you called me. I don’t remember what we talked about but I know that we did. We started talking a lot via text the next week or so and Thanksgiving was really our next encounter. We texted all day long. I suggested maybe going out that night but you didn’t know how long you were going to be around and I was celebrating with family more than two hours away.


That text about making me breakfast had me fuming! Sure, we hadn’t spent that much time together but I already had a good feeling about you and this text completely changed my mind. I told my friends you were a classless douchebag (I’m very fond of name calling). Also, I’d had a pretty severe incident with my ex the day before and was pretty pissed already. Also, I had spoken to one of our mutual friends and he told me that you were an alcoholic who went downtown trolling for dirty girls. Immediately I had put my guard back up. I wasn’t falling for that BS ever again. However, I was glad when you texted the next night. I still remember what it said, “What’s up buttercup?” and I remember the smile that spread across my face. I was thinking, “Yes, this is more like the guy I met.” We did some serious texting over the next week or so. Thanksgiving was coming up so we talked about maybe getting together if we could make plans work. I was living about forty five minutes away at the time and since you didn’t know what time you would be done we knew it wasn’t set in stone. I decided I wanted to try to stick it out and wait for you. We continued texting and I was growing impatient. I got a text that you were home but having a drink before you came down to meet me. I was furious! I’d been waiting for you for two hours in a bar on Thanksgiving all by myself and you were now gonna make me wait longer?! I don’t think so! I told you I was finishing my beer and then I was leaving unless you had arrived. I took my time finishing that beer. Like a loooonnnnggg time. And then I slowly put on my hat, my coat, my scarf, my mittens, Well, you hadn’t shown up and I was determined to be strong in my resolve. As I opened the door to leave, you were on the other side. I was sooo relieved you made it. I had so badly wanted to spend time with you but I couldn’t be walked all over again so I had to let you know early on that I meant what I said. You said, “Go back in. Let me buy you a beer.” I couldn’t say no to that face.

We sat down and ordered drinks. We started talking about anything and everything. We talked about sports & jobs and you told me where you were in life. You had just gone through a breakup ands wanted me to know you weren’t looking for anything more than friends. You didn’t want to be a one night stand but you didn’t want to be a girlfriend either. You said all you could offer was friendship. I told you I enjoyed spending time with you and I had no expectations of you or our friendship. We both spilled a lot of details in a small amount of time and I felt like there was a great connection. I felt really comfortable with the fact that we just were able to share some intimate details and not judge each other about our pasts or ideals. I don’t know how long we were there but it was like the night stood still. We had touched on every topic and really started getting to know each other. Eventually it was late and we decided it was time to part ways for the night. We continued texting for the next few days and I mentioned I had a coworker who taught an African Dance Class & invited you to check it out with me. We set a date and decided to meet there that night.

So there’s your set up for tomorrow’s post folks – our first date. I hope you’ve enjoyed the beginning of our story. But it’s late, it’s been a long day and we’re just about home now. Check back tomorrow! XOXO


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