You Can Call Me Saucy

La la la

Have I told you all how much I enjoy singing? I do. I sing EVERYWHERE and every.chance.I.get. I even have playlists on my iPod and youtube account titled, “sing along” or “open mic practice.” (Wanna see what’s on em? Here’s my youtube playlist). I realized the other day that I haven’t done ANY singing in public in months. I occasionally sit in with a local artist named Chad Hollister and I’ve even sung with his full band on occasion (once in NYC, a few times in Boston and a lot of gigs around Burlington). Want proof?

Me singing with The Chad Hollister Band (CHB) at a local festival promosting gardens for local school districts. This was part of my birthday celebration!

This is at Nectar's in Burlington...the bar that made Phish famous

The Paradise Rock Club in Boston. I'm rocking some extra pounds and a fabulous homemade hat from an old friend

And my personal favorite

The Knitting Factory in NYC – this was quite a night and included getting my boobs autographed and peeing in a cooler…another story for another time

I also do a lot of singing at open mic nights as well as weddings, funerals and karaoke. So I’ve been missing singing. I lost an old boyfriend friend in a car accident in January and heard the perfect song (Missy Higgins “The Sound of White“) that I want to dedicate to him. I also want to sing something for FF (I’ve been mulling over a few choices) and I love Pink’s Glitter in the Air. I only need 3 to sing. What other songs do you think would be good after looking at what I normally like to sing? I’ll take any suggestions – and if they’re wicked good I’ll track down a video camera and post the performance on here. If you ask nicely 🙂 XO



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