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Welcome to the DZ

So, a few days late but welcome to my home! (P.S. this is my first real foray into a post like this. I tried to make it look pretty but got tired of fussing with it because I just don’t know what I’m doing. Also, I tried to paste the link for the Twitter Home Tour button but had no luck)

FF and I live in a condo that we rent from our friend BRE – who also happens to be our part time roommate (BRE is a snowbird – a northern term for those who winter in the south and summer in Vermont). When the three of us moved in last June we all knew the place needed a name. Over the next few weeks we each chimed in with our opinions. My very first suggestion was the one we picked. DZ stands for “Danger Zone” and is a completely acceptable name for a condo inhabited by three 30 somethings who enjoy a good time! Ahem. So come on in, wipe your feet (or take off your shoes – your choice) and grab a few lip glosses for your purse before I show you around (that’s where I butter you up so you don’t notice my lack of style)

On the left you’ll see our mini cute half bath (oooh and ahhhs here please)

Yes, we shop at Costco and yes, those are Playboys. Some of them are actually mine. I used to have a vintage Playboy Bunny memoribilia collection…also notice, I love Bath & Body Works foaming soap

On the right is our kitchen. It’s plain (we rent!) and not my dream kitchen but it’s very functional as you can see.

Some of my favorite items in the kitchen: my hot-air popcorn popper (which FF suggested would look good on the counter. I didn’t argue because A. it was empty and B. I was getting sick of going in the closet every time I wanted popcorn), the trivet that my grandmother made and I received the Christmas after she passed away, and our fruit basket that always holds – wait for it – FRUIT! Actual fruit, that gets eaten! Forgive my enthusiasm, I excite easily. I also really enjoy how we’ve decorated our fridge. Funny quotes, clips and comics that make us chuckle for some reason or another. I love this kitchen. FF and I cook and talk and dance in there. It works 🙂

Right down the hall after leaving the kitchen, you’ll find our coat closet/pantry/catch all

It’s decent sized and FF is a master of organization. Oh, and all those silver buckets, yeah I won them by singing at Open Mic nights (see with the easy excitement?!). Continue past the closet and you’re in the living room/dining room. Our furniture is all second hand

except the tv…

and all the remotes…

It’s perfect for entertaining (but will be better once my Craigslist search for another couch is complete). I dream of a comfy, cozy living room but this one works for what it is. We’ve found in just the few touches we’ve put on the place

that FF and I have similar taste in decor and our house is totally gonna rock…one day when we buy one 🙂 We got a photo printer from my parents for Christmas so we used it to make these collages to hang up. FF did most of the work – bless his patience!

I love our table (which we only eat at when we have company)

And the little bar area behind it

Don’t ya just love the signs?

Here’s the back patio. It’s tiny but again, we make it work – as usual 🙂

Here our papasan chair and a little lamp. We just removed a desktop and a desk from this corner and FF thought it would make a great place for me to read. I haven’t tried it yet but I can’t wait!

Let’s head upstairs. The hallway is decorated with Red Sox stuff. We’re both fans and some of these are actual photos we took when FF took my Fenway virginity for my birthday last year ::swoons::

I didn’t take any pics of BRE’s room. Not much to see because it’s still kind of messy. We’re expecting him home this weekend. We’ve been using it to store things we got out of my storage unit but I had to go through before we put them in our carport storage. It’s been so nice to just have to two of us for the last few months. It’s going to be weird but we’ll adjust. Plus it means one more person contributing to rent and utilities – yes please!

Here’s the full bath. It’s spacious and I like it. Yes, again, I would like more of a theme but it works. We also have our washer and dryer in here (I would never do laundry if I had to go to laundromat!)

And here’s where the magic happens!

It’s so boringly plain but the last thing I do in my bedroom is ponder how to decorate it 🙂 Although we are in the early stages on developing a theme and saving for some new bedding) We have the perfect sized bed (my queen frame and boxspring his pillowtop mattress and bedding) a ginormous closet (I’ve never shared a closet – but this one is plenty big – even if it’s hard to tell from the picture – it extends almost a whole wall) and a view of…the swamp.

Oh well! I also totally love the jewelry armoire my parents gave me a few years ago. It’s made many moves with me and I feel like it’s my only piece of “grown up” furniture. I rarely wear jewelry these days (not allowed where I work due to being a manufacturing facility) but I will never get rid of it.

Oh, and this is for Blair who says you can tell a lot about people by what they keep on the dresser (pics of deceased grandparents, grandpa’s ashes, pics with my some of my favorite girlfriends, a framed quote and a candle) I’m scared for what this says about me…

So folks, you’ve seen it all. I hope you enjoyed your lip gloss and your tour. Now, you don’t have to go home but you can’t stay here. XO


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  1. * Blair says:

    aww, I think it means that you are sentimental.

    I LOVED your tour & the wit 🙂 & the popcorn maker! I would like some, please.

    | Reply Posted 8 years, 10 months ago
  2. * Jenny says:

    I want to swim in your lipgloss basket a la Scrooge MaDuck. Also, I’m totally jealous of your reading corner. It’s perfect!

    | Reply Posted 8 years, 10 months ago
    • * saucyredhead says:

      I would totally let you sit in my reading corner and raid my lip gloss while I make popcorn for BA 🙂 You guys are welcome at the DZ anytime 🙂

      | Reply Posted 8 years, 10 months ago

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