You Can Call Me Saucy


I’m sorry for people who don’t have diabetes. I’m sorry for people not understanding what having diabetes means. I’m sorry people don’t know what it’s like to have to think about EVERY.SINGLE.THING you put in your mouth. I’m sorry for people who don’t know what it’s like to have to look at a bruised belly to try to find the best spot to inject medicine that SAVES.YOUR.LIFE. I’m sorry people don’t understand how quickly one little sickness can knock you on your ass – and how long it can keep you down. I’m sorry I feel like shit a lot of the time but I hide behind my smile because it’s easier than feeling like everyone’s tired of hearing how crappy I feel. I’m sorry I miss so much work for doctor’s appointments. I’m sorry for all the time I’ve wasted in waiting rooms and talking to doctor’s who don’t realize how well I understand my diabetes, try to manage it and know about my body. I’m sorry that sometimes I feel sorry for myself. I’m sorry that when I get in a place like this I don’t have time to deal with your petty drama. I’m sorry that this disease is my #1 priority. I’m sorry for my rant.


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  1. * Mae says:

    I am truly sorry you’re having such a hard time! I hope it does get better for you. While I don’t struggle with diabetes myself, my husband has Crohn’s disease and so yeah, we spend about 300 times the amount of time “normal” people spend dealing with the effects of food. Chronic diseases such as these impact every part of one’s life, and it’s difficult for those who don’t live with them to understand.

    | Reply Posted 8 years ago
  2. * Jewcy Bits says:

    I understand! I understand! And surprisingly, even when people do know how you feel, it doesn’t seem to help much. Have you looked into an insulin pump? One of my very close friends has one and it seems to make her life a lot easier and “normal.”

    | Reply Posted 8 years ago
    • * saucyredhead says:

      I know you understand – and thanks for reading! I was on an insulin pump for a year and I’m currently on hiatus for a couple of reasons. Based on my next doctor’s appointment (in July) I will decide if I want to go back to the pump or stick with injections.

      | Reply Posted 8 years ago
  3. * Jenny says:

    I’m sorry that you feel you have to stand up for making your health a priority.

    | Reply Posted 8 years ago
    • * saucyredhead says:

      Thank you! I suppose I wasn’t actually sorry about any of it. More like feeling sorry for myself. I think maybe this was my equivalent of your letter to God. I love having this blog though so I can get those icky feelings out of my brain!

      | Reply Posted 8 years ago

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