You Can Call Me Saucy

Oh the madness of March!

What a weekend! I spent Friday night at one of my favorite local sports bars with some of my favorite people to watch the UVM Men’s hoop games. I celebrated drowned my sorrows in quite a few bottles of Miller Lite and had a fabulous time despite the loss. Let me first say, this loss was anticipated. Yes, I talked about it ALL WEEK. Yes, I wore the schools colors (green & gold) to work on Friday and also to the bar (different outfit – I thought it was cute. Whole other blog post about listening when your boyfriend finally has an opinion on your outfit ūüôā ) We had watched the Hockey Cats lose to BC before we left (but they got a bid just the same – Go Cats – Beat Wisconsin!).

Now, I’ve spoken on my love for college hoops but I don’t think it’s something you understand unless you meet me. My table was reserved right in front of the giant projection tv and my spot was right at the head of the table. Now that’s respect! FF was worried I hadn’t really considered that UVM¬†was most likely NOT going to win this game. After all, in all of NCAA history, a 16th seed has NEVER beaten a number 1 seed. But the boys gave me everything I could ask for. Marqus¬†had some beautiful shots (and an awesome dunk after a fabulous steal!). Evan was rebounding. Joey, MoJo¬†and Nick were doing what they do. They didn’t give up. They played with heart and hunger and for that, I applaud them. There is no reason for the Men’s Hoopcats¬†(or their fans!) to hang their heads. We also have to remember that Syracuse was out for blood after our boys kicked their butts and ousted them out of the tourney five years ago. The game was tough to watch and my friend Mamacita¬†was on one side worrying I was having a heart attack and my friend Lusty was sitting on the other side telling me to keep cheering and not to give up on my team! I felt like one of those movies where I had an angel on one side (although if Mamacita is ever the angel on my shoulder I better look out! We are trouble!) and a devil on the other. I left the bar with a pretty good buzz and no voice but I was glad to have had that experience with a room full of Catamount fans who also never gave up on their team!

Saturday I worked. A double shift. Upstairs. It was a looooong day but very profitable. I haven’t made that much money in a single shift in I don’t know how long. It was awesome! Although, FF made me change when I get home because I stunk (of sweat and food apparently) and my legs are still killing me from doing stairs all day (thankfully I skipped leg day at the gym on Friday!) I ended up having a wonderful night. There were some friends there to watch March Madness on tv, we ordered wings and had some cocktails. Our friends left around midnight but FF and I stayed up drinking, laughing and talking until 4am! That’s right, 4am! We haven’t had a night like that in forever! It just felt like after what I’ve been through with my health over the last few weeks, we reconnected and recharged and it was totally what we needed.

Sunday we slept late, obviously. I had a low sugar around 8am so I had a snack and went back to bed. I woke up around noon and got ready to watch yet another basketball game. This time the lady Hoopcats¬†were taking on Wisconsin – and they won! It was an upset as Wisconsin was a #7 team and UVM¬†was a #10 but it was a great game and Courtnay¬†& May did amazing things (as usual) to help their team get the first NCAA win (for women’s basketball) in the history of the school! Go Cats!

Then it was time to run errands. Now normally, Sunday is my day of rest but I had so much to get done that we decided to save it for Sunday and do it together. It was super productive though. I got some new work clothes, ordered a new pair of glasses, got groceries, hit Walmart. We ended up being gone for 5 hours but we had a blast. Our Saturday “recharge” was still in effect as we drove around and laughed and teased each other. I’m telling you, there is nothing like having someone you are head over heels in love with and amazingly attracted to you look over at you while stopped at a light and have him say, “You are so cute.” Especially when you haven’t showered and you’re in your Sunday clothes (which for me usually involves pj’s¬†– although I did wear jeans since I was going to be in public). I love that FF loves me at my worst and my best. I’m starting to see that I think he finds me more attractive the less I try (although like any man he’s not big on bedhead – especially with my mass of curls!).

So pulling on jeans and a sweatshirt, throwing my hair into a sloppy bun and putting on a lil¬†makeup is all I need to get FFs¬†motor running? I’m gonna stop spending days planning an outift, hair and makeup and just be comfortable all the time. Apparently, that’s what makes us women more attractive? Do you find the same thing? Women, what simple things that you do seem to get attention from your man? Men (if you’re reading) what little things does a woman do that make her more attractive. I’m very curious to know your answers! XO


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