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Gym Woes

So FF has got me going to the gym. My friends are shocked – as am I. I’ve always been on the lean side (don’t hate me – it sucks just as much for people to assume you have an eating disorder as it does to be considered a fatty – trust me). FF used to be overweight. When him and his ex split he decided he wanted to feel better about himself. Since then he’s dropped over 100 pounds – just by eating right and going to the gym regularly. He is incredibly proud of his body (as he should be – have I mentioned how hot he is?!) and I want to feel the same way.

So, when the new year came along I decided I would join him at the gym. At first, it was hard and I was sore and frustrated but I stuck with it. Then the results came and I was in awe of my own body. I mean, my arms look great, I can feel my ab muscles (granted a little more time of the treadmill won’t hurt so that I can see them too). But I’m stuck in a rut again. I’m sick of the gym. I’m sick of spending 1.5-2 hours there 4 times a week. I’m sick of the music on my iPod. So dear readers (all 3 of you maybe, on a good day?) I’m reaching out. What gets you motivated to work out? How do you get out of a workout rut? What music gets you moving (I need suggestions for both cardio and for lifting please!)? And lastly, how do you learn to accept your body the way it is (as long as it’s healthy) instead of wishing you could look like those tan, lean models on magazine covers (BTW, I’m as Celtic as they come – red hair, freckles and albino skin. I will NEVER be tan and while it’s unhealthy I feel like being blindingly white is pretty unattractive)? Please help, I need your motivation. XO


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  1. * Tilly says:

    I’ll comment! I know the woes of not only the gym, but getting this whole blog thing up and started. (and I found you…shhh I won’t tell!)

    agh the gym. Motivation to go? The end result. I’m not talking about chisled abs and oiled up and tanned biceps. But feeling good. In a physical state and emotionally too. And for you, Missy, it helps with Diabetis (both types) too! As for music, I’m a country bumkin, so nothing that would help you too much!

    Good luck! I’ll be reading!

    | Reply Posted 8 years, 11 months ago
  2. * Adriana says:

    I hate the gym but love the results when I do go. I really need to get going again. Helps loose weight and is awesome for the big D.

    | Reply Posted 8 years, 11 months ago
    • * saucyredhead says:

      I love the results too and it is great for the big D…somehow I still need more motivation than that 😦

      | Reply Posted 8 years, 11 months ago

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