You Can Call Me Saucy


Well, I warned you it could come up a lot. I’m having one of those days 😦 My sugar has been on  a roller coaster since I went back to shots and it sucks a big one. People who don’t have to deal with it have no clue how much a fluctuating blood sugar can throw you off – physically and emotionally. My goal is to keep my glucose levels under control and consistently have blood sugars in the normal range (80-120) but that my friends, seems dang near impossible. I am journaling all of my sugars as well as my insulin doses and e-mailing my doc every few days so we can make adjustments as needed. It’s exhausting – and disheartening to have those numbers staring me in the face. On top of it all, the bruising on my belly (where I inject) is getting so bad I’m running out of places to inject. Can someone tell me why I spend 4 days a week at the gym to maintain a body I don’t want to show anyone because these bruises are repulsive? Seems like kind of a waste of time.

There, now that I’ve wrote it down and got it out of my system, it’s time to stop wallowing. I have my life and I woke up to gorgeous sunshine today! I’m going to try to be thankful today instead of depressed. Wish me luck! XO


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  1. As far as injections: I injected for 17 years before going on an insulin pump in mid-2001, and up until this past week I’d been pumping for nine years straight without a break. That has really worn out my body from sites – granted, I don’t follow the recommended FDA rules of keeping them in 2-3 days, but often go more than that and likely cause my own inability to find new Real Estate. Anyhow, just started a Pump Hiatus on March 26 and I am again rotating my injection sites from multiple stomach/abdomen spots, couple on legs, my arms (with assistance from wall or wife), and my backside. I recall this was a main reason for wanting to pump almost a decade ago, to get a relief from daily injections. And now, the constant pump connection has led me to a hiatus. We just can’t win. Regardless of the rotation, we’re still pincushions.

    | Reply Posted 8 years, 10 months ago

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